If you desire a relationship with God and are looking for a Christian family, we invite you to visit us.

We will gladly welcome you and will use the Bible as a tool to answer any questions you have.

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September 2022

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  1. Wednesday Bible Study
    9/28/22 07:30pm
  2. Sunday Morning Worship
    10/2/22 09:30am
  3. Sunday Afternoon Class
    10/2/22 05:00pm
  4. High School Devotional
    10/2/22 06:30pm
  5. Weekly Prayer Night
    10/4/22 07:30pm
  6. Full Calendar

Fall 2022 Adult Classes

Plan to join our fall Bible classes starting September 4.

Sunday evening

  • Book of Genesis
  • Book of John
  • God's Sovereignty, The Need for Authority
  • Psalms of Ascent

Wednesday evening

  • Spiritual Beings
  • Talking through Proverbs
  • Book of Judges

Fall 2022 Bible Study

Please plan to join us November 4-5 for a special Bible study. We will meet Friday at 7:30pm, and Saturday at 10am, 11am, and Noon. Further details will provided as we approach the date.

2022 Bible Reading Plan - Passages that Inspire Zeal

Incorporate the 2022 Bible Reading Plan into your daily Bible reading by posting to your refridgerator, work area, adding to your personal calendar, or whatever method works well for you.  In addition, the reading plan is on both the public calendar as well as the member calendar.  Either calendar gives you options to subscribe via iCal or RSS so that they integrate into your personal Apple or Google calendars.

There will be one reading for each week. The objective is to immerse yourself in this reading. Read it at least one time each day. Become familiar with the content. Look for repeated words or phrases. Seek first to understand what the writer was trying to say, then find the application of his message to your life. You might also read the passage in other translations. Make a special effort to find the connections between this reading and our congregational theme: ZEALOUS FOR GOOD DEEDS.

Recent Media

  1. Play1 Samuel 17
    David Banning and Jeff Wilson
  2. PlayGenesis - Lesson 3
    Matt Bassford
  3. PlayWhy Did You Come Here?
    Jeff Wilson
  4. PlayDaniel 3
    David Banning and Jeff Wilson
  5. PlayGod And Marriage
    David Banning and Jeff Wilson
  6. PlayAsk
    David Banning
  7. PlayHebrews 12
    David Banning and Jeff Wilson
  8. PlayGenesis - Lesson 2
    David Banning
  9. PlayGod's Authority and Our Reality
    Jeff Wilson
  10. PlayGenesis - Lesson 1
    David Banning