If you desire a relationship with God and are looking for a Christian family, we invite you to visit us.

We will gladly welcome you and will use the Bible as a tool to answer any questions you have.

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2021 Men's Weekend

Plan to attend our 2021 Men's Weekend with Bubba Garner of Pasadena, Texas.  The theme is "Mighty in the Scriptures."

  • Fri, Oct 15 @ 7:30pm: Scripture & Gender
  • Sat, Oct 16 @ 9am: Scripture & Character
  • Sat, Oct 16 @ 10am: Scripture & Leaders
  • Sun, Oct 17 @ 9:30am: The Worthy Man

Weekend in the Word

Please plan to attend our event Weekend in the Word from November 5 through 7.  The topic is "Authentic Discipleship: what it means to really follow Jesus."  Everyone junior high and above is encouraged to attend.  A flyer is available here.

  • Fri, Nov 5 @ 7pm: Signing
  • Fri, Nov 5 @ 7pm: Authentic discipleship by Don Truex
  • Sat, Nov 6 @ 10am: four classes available
    • Teens: Counting the Cross by David Banning
    • Following Jesus at Home by Don Truex
    • Disciples and Holiness by Jeff Wilson
    • Disciples and the Word by Randy Tumlinson
  • Sat, Nov 6 @ 11am: four classes available
    • Teens: Disciples and Holiness by Jeff Wilson
    • The Disciples' Worldview by David Banning
    • Following Jesus to the Lost by Don Truex
    • Disciples in Crisis by David Pickup
  • Sat, Nov 6 @ 2pm: three classes available
    • Teens: Managing the Arrows by Randy Tumlinson
    • A Cross-Shaped Faith by David McClister
    • Drawing Close to Jesus by Don Truex
  • Sun, Nov 7 @ 9:30am: Disciples and the Cross by David McClister
  • Sun, Nov 7 @ 5pm: Text Talk: Using what we've learned

2021 Bible Reading

By reading one chapter per week in 2021, the objective is to immerse yourself in God's Word.  Find the details here.