What can I expect during a normal worship service in the church of Christ?

What can I expect during a normal worship service in the church of Christ?

Our normal worship service on the Lord’s Day consists of praying, singing, partaking of the Lord’s supper and having a lesson from the bible brought to our attention.  

Our prayers are not only response to God’s grace as brought to us in the life and works of Jesus, the prayers are also requests for our needs and the needs of others.   Prayer is an important way to communicate with God.  The scriptures teach us to "pray without ceasing".

Our singing is raising our voices to God in thankfulness for His mercy and goodness. The scriptures teach us to "sing to one another in songs, hymns and spiritual songs".  Singing is a way we offer praise to God and also offer encouragement to each other.

Partaking of the Lord's Supper occurs each first day of the week. The parktaking of the Lord’s supper is to remember the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. This act of worship allows for Christians to have "communion" with one another in spiritually remembering the sacrifice of our Saviour.

The lesson from the bible is to remind us of God’s will as given in the Scriptures so that we can evaluate our lives according to the Word.  We also have bible classes for all ages which encourages the study of Gods word. The lessons from the bible and bible classes are important elements of our regular spiritual diet.  We believe the truth contained in His word has the power to save souls!

During our worship services, we strive to do things according to God's will. You will find that our services are Bible based and rely on a conservative interpretation of the scriptures with the desire to obey God's authority.  Our desire is that you will find his authority in all things we do...in our worship, study, activities, and organization.  Finally, you will find our services are warm, friendly, and loving.  Our desire is to let His word shine in our worship services and in our lives!